Traffic-related pollution linked to risk of asthma in children

New research suggests that long-term exposure to traffic-related pollution significantly increases the risk of pediatric asthma, especially in early childhood. Children living within a football field's length of major roadways had nearly three times the odds of pediatric asthma compared to children who lived four times farther away.

Women With Breast Cancer Delay Care When Faced With High Deductibles

When Pam Leonard felt a lump in her breast last November, she hesitated, debating whether to get testing to see if she had cancer.

She thought of her insurance policy, which carries a deductible of $2,600. She knew she would also have to spend as much as $5,700 on medical bills that would not be covered by an individual policy she bought under the Affordable Care Act. “I went back and forth for a couple of weeks,” Ms. Leonard recalled.

Food as medicine gets a test-drive in California

The Ceres Community Project is part of an ambitious, state-funded study to test whether providing daily nutritious meals to chronically ill, low-income people on California’s version of Medicaid will affect their prognosis and treatment, or the cost of their medical care.

The aim of this Center is to actively foster and support translational research in diabetes within health care delivery systems affiliated with the Health Care System Research Network (HCSRN) and the University of California San Francisco.

This center addresses three translational research core areas to improve diabetes care:

  • Health Care Disparities
  • Diabetes and Obesity Prevention
  • Health Information Technology Interventions

This center also supports a national resource to improve diabetes prevention and care.


This center is funded by P30DK092924