Assiamira Ferrara, MD, PhD
   Lead, Diabetes and Prevention Core



The overarching goal of the T2DM and Obesity Prevention Core is to support translational research on T2DM and obesity prevention that is practical, adoptable, transportable and sustainable in different health settings. The Core focuses on translational prevention among two vulnerable populations, pregnant and postpartum women, especially those with gestational diabetes, and children. The Core also addresses health disparities among these populations and supports the use of heath information technology.

Specific aims of this HDS-CDTR Diabetes and Obesity Prevention Core include the following:

    1. Bring together in one Core leading national experts in translational T2DM and obesity prevention to support research aimed at preventing excessive gestational weight gain, GDM, progression to T2DM in postpartum women and development of obesity in children.
    2. Foster and support research to advance the development and implementation of novel methods to deliver and evaluate health system level T2DM and obesity prevention programs, with an emphasis in women of reproductive age and children.
    3. Provide consultation to health systems to evaluate their programs related to T2DM and obesity prevention and encourage use of patient outreach modalities that have the potential to increase patient uptake and engagement in those programs.
    4. Continue the following Core activities:
      • Provide intellectual and financial support to junior investigators within our HDS-CDTR research centers to propose, develop and conduct translational research projects focused on T2DM and obesity prevention.
      • Train and retain junior investigators interested in translational T2DM and obesity prevention.
      • Disseminate knowledge of the methods and findings of translational T2DM and obesity prevention through seminars, conference presentations and publications.
      • Create a collaborative environment of intellectual sharing and dissemination of findings among research sites within our CDTR and all NIDDK-funded CDTRs.



Assiamira Ferrara, MD PHD  (Kaiser Permanente)

Emily Oken, MD MPH (Harvard Pilgrim Health Care)

JoAnn Sperl-Hillen, PhD (HealthPartners Institute for Education and Research)